Gradient Scientific and Technical is the brainchild of Edd Stockdale who wished to see a massive improvement in both the mainstream teaching market and diving skills of research teams. To this end Gradient began as a single instructor and is growing to encompass both technical instructors and researchers to offer dive consultancy in both fields while developing more efficient ways to combine them.  Gradient consists of two main components that are interlinked.IMG_4720

First is Gradient Scientific which offers training and consultancy for scientific/ expedition diving. We specialise in, but are not limited to, technical diving; working with research institutions to help achieve scientific data collection in the safest manner. This involves both running dive safety and logistics, completing dives to collect samples or data and training dive teams in the complexities of scientific diving techniques.


The other component of Gradient is technical dive training at the highest standard and expedition support. Unlike many training options within more advanced diving, the instructor team at Gradient is of the highest calibre and as such offer longer, more comprehensive and more in-depth training at both diver and instructor levels. All the instructional team teach to the same level adding their own expertise to the organisation as a whole meaning you as the student will get the most up to date and intensive training possible.


Gradient maintains a teaching philosophy of ‘Train Hard, Dive Easy’ and a continuous follow up to our clients even when the courses or expeditions are done.


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