Edd Stockdale

Edd began his diving career at the early age of 12 in the North Sea off of Scotland and has been diving ever since. He completed a degree in marine zoology and worked for many years as a researcher with various institutions publishing in the field of physiology and biophysics, for which he won the 2008 French Academy of Science Jouvance Medal in Marine Biology.


He decided in around 2008 to head into full time diving and moved to SE Asia where he has been working in both the recreational diving industry, educational institutions and research stations in many capacities.

In recent years Edd has been concentrating predominately in both technical and scientific diving, combining the two of the purposes of research expeditions. He has worked in the capacity of Dive Safety Officer for the University of Oxford, University of Essex and University of Malta on various expeditions. In these roles he has helped develop undergraduate field work training programs, application of rebreathers to ecological research in the mesophotic zone and help successful expeditions looking at un-dived wrecks.

With thousands of dives in a vast array of environments Edd is an instructor and instructor trainer for multiple agencies he spends much of his time training people around the planet, while also writing training manuals for technical agencies and presenting at diving conferences. He is also a Training Advisor for RAID.

In 2016 he was nominated for the Eurotek Discovery Award for his work in wreck exploration.

Generally when not working in the field he will be found diving in various areas of the world exploring new caves or diving new wrecks while being an outspoken advocate for an improvement in the level of training and recruitment of younger divers within the technical diving world.

He is a member of The Explorers Club in addition to being a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

As a Subgravity approved factory instructor he offers XCCR Rebreather training and sales in the both the Scandinavian and  Australasia region.

Diving Qualifications:           26194873_10159716091275576_1141318465_o

RAID Instructor Examiner

Swedtech Diving Instructor

Tiffany Norberg – Technical Team

Tiffany joins the team from Sweden to offer both technical diving education and expedition support. IMG_2479

Having spent most of her diving career in Scandinavian waters, her expertise is in cold water diving and deep wreck exploration. Her background is in designing training programs for athletes with more recent times seeing her concentrating on applications of this to dive exploration.

Her great passion is her JJ CCR and wreck diving, though she is happy to join pretty much any dive and share her passion in the sport, both experienced divers as well as newer members of the community.

She is a member of the Baltic wreck exploration team Badewanne and has presented on the subject at diving events and shows.