Advanced Nitrox: 4 Day program in the use of nitrox mixes up to 100% oxygen and technical diving foundations

Helitrox/ Decompression Procedures: 4 Day program to develop the skills to carry out staged decompression dives correctly and according to modern methods. Gases used are based on previous training levels or course combined with TDI Advance Nitrox

AN HeliDP: 6 Day programs combing both Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures. Generally used as entry level program for technical diving.

Trimix: 5 Day program. Use of normoxic level of gas mixes with helium to reduce narcosis and management of 2 stage cylinders.

Sidemount recreational: photo 3-33 Day program to train divers new to sidemount in correct techniques for this configuration to make the best of sidemount. Course cover equipment setup, correct techniques, foundations for technical diving application and management of emergencies. (Required to do decompression courses in sidemount configuration)

Sidemount Technical: 5 Day program to train qualified technical divers new to sidemount in correct techniques for this configuration at their highest rating. Course covers equipment setup, correct techniques, technical diving application, stage use and management of emergencies.

Instructor Level Training Available. Inquire for details



Air Diluent: Course train diver to 30m with no decompression (6 days)

Helitrox Decompression: entry level for open circuit technical divers for 45m decompression diving on the XCCR (7 days)

Helitrox Decompression Crossover: Rebreather divers with prerequisite hours may crossover onto the XCCR. (5 days)